How to Write an MBA Essay Sample

How to Write an MBA Essay Sample When writing your career goals essay you have the option to write it from scratch or you can use a few essay examples. Writing an essay can be intimidating to students as it requires a good amount of research and analysis into the field that you are interested in. Students need to remember that writing essays is not merely a matter of stating facts. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your passion for the topic and why these facts make you qualified for the position/s you are applying for. Your career-oriented guidance counselor or advisor can give you sample essays to follow along with your research.
 Some examples include what type of careers interest you, how much experience in your chosen field you have, and what your life goals are. Career counselors may be able to give you more advice on how to craft your essays. They can also show you how to work within your allotted time frame and make sure your essay is not too lengthy. You can also find sample short term career goals and studies on the Internet. A quick Google search will produce a list of websites.
 Look through the list for articles and blogs that pertain to your particular field of study. Some sites allow you to read comments from real people like yourself. Read the comments and consider what you might want to include in your essay for admissions. Writing a college essay can be difficult and most students become confused at some point. One way to make your essay more cohesive is to find common themes among your essay topics or papers. For example, if you're applying for scholarships, you might read scholarship essay samples that talk about traveling or living abroad.
 These topics provide you with the framework of your essay and when the time comes to write the meat of the essay, you already have ideas on how to discuss these topics. Writing successful MBA essays requires that you understand your audience. Make sure your essays are appropriate for your intended audience. If you are applying to be a waiter in a fine dining restaurant, your topics should not include stories about food and eating as well as personal experiences in the restaurant industry. On the other hand, if you're applying to be an engineer who designs computer systems, you'll be writing on your experiences in the engineering field.
 Another strategy that can help you structure your MBA goals essay is to have a rough draft before you begin writing your essay.
 Create an outline of your topics so that you don't double write your essay or include information that isn't relevant to your main topic. Write down your main thesis statement, use a notebook to jot down your points of discussion, and then compile your essay into an outline form. 
 Make sure that you format your essay as you would if you were presenting it to a committee. Once you have your outline, you can begin to develop your main thesis statement. Another strategy that will help you organize your career goals essay is to turn your personal experiences into pointers for your essay. For example, if you are applying to be a software engineer, you could relate how you implemented the software that your boss came up with after his years in programming school.
 If you have worked in a call center or a customer service position, you can use the stories of your difficult customers or dealings with long-term customers to help you emphasize your abilities as a manager of a successful business. 
 The more that you can tie your personal experiences to your career goals, the better your chances are of being accepted into an MBA program. Lastly, you should choose statements that you strongly believe in.
 Choose one that is related to your career goals and put it in your footer. For example, if you want to be an engineer, you may choose to include something like 'I strongly believe that learning how to code for websites is essential to growing a successful company. ' Whatever you do, don't overdo it with the strong-belief statement. It should only be a small part of your resume and you want to look professional rather than over-promising yourself.